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Europe has been sacrificed - Joseph Daul MEP, Chairman of EPP Group

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Europe and its citizens have been sacrificed. The failure to reach an agreement on the future EU long term budget is shameful. I am disappointed because it means that we have let the myth makers and Eurosceptics dominate the negotiations. It is sad that instead of working for the long term gain that urope brings, some Member States prefer the short term fix of higher opinion polls said the Chairman of the EPP Group, Joseph Daul commenting on the outcome of the European Council.

"We call on the President of the European Council and Member States to think about growth and jobs before making cuts in policies that are real investments engines. We expect a more responsible and firm commitment at the next EU summit. Next week I will be meeting the Irish Government that will take over next EU rotating Presidency. I will make it clear that the Multiannual Financial Framework is not just a budget. It is a political commitment to fund common projects, common policies and to work together for a common future. The European Parliament has made it clear - by a broad majority comprising all major political groups - that it will slam the brakes on member states' attempts to once again resort to a behind-the-doors deal which does not serve the interest of the European citizens. We need a budget that is well equipped to tackle future-challenges, flexible to react to unforeseen needs, and above all transparent. I will remind them that the European Parliament will also vote on the final proposal. We will push hard to bring the interests of Europe's citizens back into the game," added Joseph Daul.

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