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Fire-fighter unknowingly pulls dying daughter from car wreckage

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A volunteer fire-fighter from Brookline, New Hampshire, U.S.A., answered a call for help where a woman was trapped in a car after a severe accident. What he didn’t know was that the woman was his dying daughter.

The call for help came in on Christmas Eve and volunteer fire-fighter Steve Withcomb rushed to the scene to help.

According to chief of police Bill Quigley, Withcomb didn’t even recognise his daughter, Katie Hamilton,  initially and they have ruled the accident as having been caused by “distracted driving” rather than speed.

The accident happened after an SUV pushed the car into oncoming traffic and another car crashed into it head on from the front.

Hamilton, 30, leaves behind not only her dad but also a family for her own because she was a young mother says Quigley.

Brookline is a small town of 4,00 people and it was a sad day for all of them as both Hamilton and Withcomb were held in high regard by everyone for their service to the community.

“You grieve and then you try to pull it all back together”, Withcomb closes.

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