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FKNK Officials discuss hunting, trapping with Prime Minister

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A delegation of top officials from the Federation for Hunting and Conservation Malta (FKNK), led by President Mr Joe Perici Calascione, discussed hunting and trapping issues in a meeting with Prime Minister, Dr Lawrence Gonzi and Minister responsible for Tourism, Culture and the Environment, Dr Mario De Marco.

Their discussion also focused on the application of a derogation from the “Birds” Direction to open an autumn/winter trapping season.

FKNK reiterated their opinion that such a derogation can be applied to permit trapping for the seven finch species.

The Prime Minister referred to the reasoned opinion that Malta received in relation to the application of past trapping derogations and said that government was considering solely the application of a derogation to permit trapping on two species, the golden plover and the song thrush, as recommended by the Ornis Committee.

Other topics discussed included spring hunting, fixed autumn/winter hunting seasons, CABS and 'drones', the Majjistral Park, close-rings for captive bred birds, wild rabbit hunting and trapping, the carnet de chasse and law enforcement.

At the end of the meeting it was confirmed that other meetings on a regular basis would ensue between the Ministries and the FKNK to further tackle all issues discussed.

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