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Gender pay gap hits 16.2%

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An unacceptable average gender pay gap of 16.2% still exists between men and women the European People’s Party (EPP) group MEP’s Edit Bauer and Mariya Gabriel held during the Third European Equal Pay Day.

The female MEPs claimed that discriminatory pay gaps are still evident, despite the first directive on gender equality dating back to 1975. In a bid to abolish this pay gap, they called for the European Commission to improve legislation and make it more efficient.

MEP Bauer insisted that social and economic factors, undervaluation of women’s work, unequal balance of work and private life and stereotypes were amongst the causes of such a pay gap. She argued that more pay differences are based on discrimination rather than difference in skill or experience.

While reiterating that they will continue to strive towards gender equality, EPP Group Spokeswoman in the EP Women's Rights and Gender Equality Committee Mariya Gabiel concluded that it is in the best interest of all industries and business to employ capable women in their companies, as this contributes to economic efficiency. 

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