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Government disagrees with legislation in favour of abortion

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The Civil Union law that the Parliament approved eight days ago is only the first step that this Government has taken with respect towards minority rights.

In a news conference which was held in Valletta, the Minister for Social Dialogue , Consumer Affairs and Civil Liberties Helena Dalli explained how with the collective abstention , that the Opposition which is led by Simon Busuttil went back from the initial position which was taken on this matter by the Nationalist Party government led by Lawrence Gonzi before the last general election .

She recalled how Dr Gonzi was very clear in his own words when he said that as regards to adoption by same sex couples, it is the experts who decide in the best interest of the child, regardless of what the sexual orientation is of whom is adopted . However, now the Leader of the Opposition has accused the Government for carrying out what had been promised.

Dr Dalli explained how the civil union law is a comprehensive one looking forward. She stated that as far as minorities rights go, the government will not stop here, so much so that he has already begun working on two other laws. One on cohabitation and the other on gender identity.

At the same time, Minister Dalli said that the government disagrees with the legislation in favour of abortion.

Minister Dalli expressed her satisfaction that the Government has took a step forward when it comes to civil liberties and at the same time she said that she hopes in the future the Opposition will act in a way of understanding the situations of those people for whom the government is legislating.

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