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Government is Discriminating, Vote in EP Elections

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Opposition Leader, Simon Busuttil this morning said that the government was running a discriminatory administration which had created a new class for people who are the inner core labour supporters, discriminating against all others.

This could be testified by the distribution of medicines for inner-core labour supporters from political clubs, which was a major social injustice. Dr Busuttil said that the contrasts between the present government and the PN were becoming clearer, with the PN sharing its ideas on job creation, particularly in digital gaming, last week and the government announcing a meagre 2c petrol price drop after having raised the price by the same amount the previous month.

Dr Busuttil said that under the present government, unemployment was continuing to grow and that no roadmap to tackle the country's problems and guide its development had been uncovered yet. Dr Busuttil urged all supporters to turn out for the European Parliament elections and make their voices heard.

On the other hand, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, this morning, whilst addressing supporters in Zabbar said that the best was still to come and that the Labour government in its first year had focused on jobs and on economic growth.

Dr Muscat stated that the economy in the first year had grown four times faster than in the last year of the Nationalist government. And this even though the impact of the lower energy tariffs had still to be felt. Over the past year the deficit was reduced below 3% without austerity, the female participation rate had increased and unemployment was the lowest in the EU.

The government was also introducing a new mechanism for the state to pay all maternity leave, partly funded by a slight increase in social security contributions made by employers, said Dr Muscat allowing new mothers to claim maternity leave without being put under pressure from their employers.

The Prime Minister also spoke about the increased opportunities for youth training and called on all Labourites to vote in the EP elections, and said their number was increasing every day.

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