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Government financial figures go accordingly with the 2014 budget

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The Ministry of Finance acknowledges the financial figures published by the National Statistics Office covering the period from January to May of the current year.

These figures show that the Government cost of €4.5 million euros goes accordingly with 2014 budget.

This clearly shows that when compared to last year there has been an increase in investment in the medical and educational sector, as well as increase in income and administrative costs as planned. 

Increases in health expenditure, the minsitry said, are adressing an increase in surgeries and other medical interventions to cut down the list. While investment within the education sector is continuously growing so as to increase the percentage of students continuing their studies, as well as an increase in scholarships so as for students to follow post-graduate studies.

The increase in indirect taxes shows that the reduction in water and electricity bills, is leaving more money in the people's pockets.

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