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Gozo promotes diving as a tourist attraction

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Today, Minister for Gozo Giovanna Debono presented “DiveInside Gozo”, a book that incorporates information and photos of what Gozo has to offer to divers. The book was printed to group together the experiences of a number of professional divers who went diving in Gozo between May and October of last year. The initiative was coordinated by the Directorate for Tourism and Economic Development withing the Ministry for Gozo as part of a work programme associated with the first Eco-Gozo action plan for 2010-2012.

Minister Debono explained how the personal experiences of foreign divers were merged with other information on services and attraction that can be found in Gozo, as well as information on Gozo’s diving schools. Thus, the publication will serve as a detailed guidebook for divers in Gozo and as a promotional tool for the island that offers distinct and unique attractions.

DiveInside Gozo includes 200 pages of photographs of sites around the coast of the island. It is available in both English and German. In 2011, 18,000 divers took a dip in Gozo and Comino, representing 25% of tourists who came to Malta to dive. It appears that this year, positive results in this area were also achieved as the diving sector in Gozo continues to strengthen. Other initiatives are being carried out to reduce the effects of seasonality since the diving season only lasts from May to November.

Minister Debono explained how this is also a result of numerous projects undertaken to further strengthen the tourism sector in Gozo, including the establishment of a hyperbaric unit at the Gozo General Hospital, which offers divers an important safety tool.

The Minister added that DiveInside Gozo also represents one of a series of promotional texts used to inform tourists about Gozo. Others include online promotion, radio ads in the UK, a 24-page supplement in Unterwasser, participation in tourism fairs, and a leaflet in French to be translated into five other languages.

Besides maintenance works, clean-ups and other services at the sites used for diving in Gozo, Giovanna Debono is coordinating work to develop 10 short films on the diverse attractions Gozo has to offer with respect to diving. She said that these will be used on websites as a means of publicity and that there will also be a special space dedicated to the diving sector on when it is officially launched early next year.

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