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Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices drops by 0.3%

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In July, the Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices went down to 121.92 from 122.24 in June.

This primarily reflected a seasonal drop of 10.3% in the Clothing and Footwear Index due to lower prices of garments.

Seasonally cheaper fruits were the main cause behind a decline of 0.8% in the Food and Beverage Index.

The Communication Index registered a decrease of 0.4%, mainly on account of lower-priced mobile phones.

The Transport Index went down by 0.2% mainly due to a decrease in the price of fuels. A downward movement in the prices of travel articles caused the Miscellaneous Goods and Services Index to edge down by 0.1%.

The Restaurants and Hotels Index registered an increase of 1.7% due to higher prices of accomodation services. Higher-priced package holidays underlay an increase of 0.9% in the Recreation and Culture Index.

The Housing, Water, Electricity, Gas and Other Fuels Index increased by 0.7%, mainly due to costlier services for the maintenance and repair of dwellings.

Higher fees charged for repair services caused the Furniture, Household Equipment and Routine Maintenance of the House Index to go up by 0.4%.

The Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco Index rose by 0.2% mainly on account of higher prices of wine.

In June, the twelve-month average rate of inflation stood at 2.8%, whereas the annual rate of inflation stood at 4.2%.

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