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Helena Costa: First woman to lead a pro football club in France

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Helena Costa, 36 years old of Portugal, will lead Clermont Foot in the second league next season.

This is the first time that a woman will occupy the post of coach  in a professional football team in France.

As coach of the women's national team of Qatar from 2010 to 2012, Helena Costa won the first game in the history of the selection (4-1 against the Maldives). In 2005, she had led a men's team, the Sociedade Recreativa Desportiva Cheleirense, an amateur club in the north of Lisbon.

She also won the regional championship with them. Helena Costa also has a PhD in sports science and physical education at the University of Lusophone, Lisbon.

Only a handful of women have led pro football clubs. In 2012, the Bolivian Nelfi Ibáñez Guerra had opened the way by taking control of the team in the second division of Hijos de Bolivia Acosvinchos. In 1999 Carolina Morace was appointed as coach of Viterbese in Series C (third division).

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