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Hunters lament late season announcement

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Hunters have expressed their disappointment at repeated disregard by government for announcing the opening of the autumn/winter hunting season only days before this was due. 

“Unlike all other EU states were hunting dates are fixed and known to all, Malta’s government chooses to leave all hunters on tenterhooks ignoring the fact that during the summer- time period where most are unable to hunt before work, hunters would need to apply for vacation leave. The same can be said for all spring hunting seasons following the ECJ verdict.”

“Another case of blatant discrimination against its hunter citizens is the banning of hunting after 3 pm between September 15 and 30. Supposedly intended to protect migrating raptors such a draconian measure is only applied in Malta by the present government.  No other EU state, even those renowned for their spectacular raptor migrations deprives its hunters of their recreation during the peak of game bird migration. This measure apart from depicting the police force as incompetent is no less a way of this government appeasing bird watchers who organize observation camps during this period with the sole purpose of scrutinizing hunters for any possible illegality.”

Both these matters were discussed during meetings with Dr Lawrence Gonzi and Dr Mario Demarco clearly to no avail. Save for a few gun owners that are unaffected by opening dates and afternoon bans, the 10,000 registered law abiding hunters and the 4,000 trappers still waiting for their pre-EU accession promises to materialize, expect the PN to honour its guarantees and to be treated like all other law abiding citizens where their recreation and the policing of our laws is concerned.

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