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Hunters petition to ban hunting referendum

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The Hunters’ Federation will be launching a petition calling on the authorities to amend the Rederenda Act and as a consequence ban the proposed spring hunting referendum which is on the verge of reaching the number of signature required.

The FKNK will present a petition requesting the Referenda Act to exempt the interest, rights and privileges of minorities from being subjected to an abrogative referendum.

The President of the FKNK Joe Perici Calascione said that the Federation will be presenting the petition next year and unanimous backing from both sides of the House of Representatives was expected. He added that the proposed spring hunting referendum went against democracy and could create a precedent against minorities and was intended to eradicate socio-cultural tradition such as spring hunting. Other minorities would also be at risk once the precedent was set, he said.

Mr Perici Calascione said that the Federation will do everything possible to safeguard the rights of its members to hunting and urged members to collect 10 signatures each.

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