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I have to resort to filing a libel suit - Joseph Muscat

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Labour Party (PL) leader Joseph Muscat declared that for the first time in his political career, he will resort to filing a libel suit as it is the only solution to the "perpetual lies" that Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi keeps feeding the country about PL proposing a wage freeze.

Dr Muscat held that he was of the idea that the Prime Minister was committed to a new style of politics, and for the first time ever in Malta, a consensus would be reached between the government, the opposition, the union and the employers, however this opportunity has now been lost following the untruthful allegations of GonziPN that PL wants to freeze the minimum wage.

“This is just another lie forming an integral part of the politics embraced by GonziPN, a style of politics which the people have had enough of,” the PL leader said, reiterating the fact that this is not a political spin but an obscene twisting of facts.

Quoting an article which appeared in the local media on March 22, when the Prime Minister had said that increasing the minimum wage would not necessarily address social problems, Dr Muscat explained how every person who followed the PL Congress understood what the party's policy on minimum wage is and the continuous feeding of lies to the public by GonziPN is an attack not only on PL but on all social partners.

Dr Muscat concluded that while a government led by Dr Gonzi froze the salaries of the employees at Air Malta and IPSL, the aim of a PL government is to ensure economic growth by raising the standard of living primarily with the reduction of electricity bills.


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