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I look forward with optimism to the future of our country - Muscat

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Opposition leader Joseph Muscat said that he was looking forward to the future of Malta with optimism and serenity.

“It is up to the Prime Minister when to call an election. We are focused on our work and determined face the future. The Labour Party faces the future united, shoulder to shoulder all working towards the same ideal,” he said at a political meeting in Pembroke this morning.
Dr Muscat said he expected Lawrence Gonzi as Prime Minister to think about the middle-class, the people who were falling into poverty, the self-employed and businesses to see how they will go forward.

“Instead the Prime Minister wakes up every morning thinking about how to continue grasping the seat of power.  Each passing day that the Prime Minister overlooks the present situation is a day lost for families and businesses.”
Dr Muscat said that the Labour Party had worked on a twelve-point concrete guide for Malta's aspirations as a country.

“I believe that our country has a bright future ahead. We are ready to serve you and ready to give you five years of security and peace of mind,” said Dr Muscat.
“We are looking forward to economic growth that will reach everyone. Towards a standard of living that is better for families where the wage lasts longer and costs are lower.”
 “The bills and water were the biggest blow suffered by families and businesses. The middle-class is feeling that the gains made over the years are slipping away. Hundreds of families are slipping into poverty as water and electricity bills erode their wallets, and the government does nothing to support them.”

“Our idea of ​​social solidarity is totally different to the government's. You will not have to humble yourself to get what you deserve.”
The Labour leader also commended the 5 +5 Summit which ended yesterday and said that under a new Labour administration, Malta would continue to be a Mediterranean ambassador, showing the world the unity that existed within.

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