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I never punched Vince Farrugia - Sandro Chetcuti

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Former General Retailer and Traders Union (GRTU) Council member Sandro Chetcuti told the Court that he had lifted his hand and accidentally hit GRTU General Director Vince Farrugia’s glasses but did not punch or kick him.

Testifying in Court, Mr Chetcuti, 41, is accused of assaulting and seriously injuring Vince Farrugia on March 11, 2010. He told the Court that he could not believe he had been originally charged with attempted murder. He explained that he was elected in the GRTU Council in 2010 despite a block vote from a property developer.

The accused argued that he gave the victim €4,000 in order to help him contest the MEP elections. The GRTU Council was divided over the idea of Mr Farrugia contesting and regardless of the help the accused gave him, Mr Farrugia still bullied and yelled at him. He claimed that Mr Farrugia had said that if he had not mixed with Labour he could have gotten him a good position in government explaining that he (Mr.Farrugia) had a great deal of power.

The Defense read out SMS’s that he had received from Mr Farrugia. The defendant explained that these messages proved that the GRTU had become a PN organisation and argued that he had also met with the Prime Minister on this issue. The defendant claimed to have received a message from Mr Farrugia which was intended for Paul Abela. Director for the GRTU Joe Attard later told the accused that Mr Farrugia as well as other Council members wanted the accused out of the Council. The Defendant returned to the GRTU, where he was accused of being a fraudster by Mr farrugia, who assaulted him with a pile of papers.

Mr Chetcuti explained that he never raised his voice and in fact asked Mr Farrugia to stop. “I reacted and pushed him away from the face,” he told the court, adding that Mr Farrugia then started yelling ‘look what he did’. On his way out, he admitted to telling Vince Farrugia that he would kill him. “I admit this was wrong of me to say, but I reacted in the heat of the moment," he said.

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