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Industrial Producer Index down

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In November, the producer price index for total industry decreased by 0.9% over the previous month.  The decrease in the overall producer price index was mainly characterised by downward price trends in intermediate and capital goods, by 1.7% and 0.1% respectively.

No material price movements were reported in the domestic sphere.

Producer prices in the non-domestic market decreased from 77.5 points in October to 76.4 points in November: a monthly change of 1.5%. This was due to a decline in intermediate goods of 1.8%. In addition, producer prices for capital goods edged down by 0.2%.

Producer prices in respect of goods destined for the euro area decreased by 1.7%, while the non-domestic non-euro area showed no change.

Annual Review:

Year-on-year comparisons indicate that producer prices for total industry increased by 3.5%, from 94.3 points to 97.6 points.  During this period, producer prices for intermediate goods increased by 6.1%, and capital and consumer goods went up by 0.8% and 1.9% respectively. No price changes were registered in energy prices.

Producer prices for the domestic market edged up by 0.9%.  Prices for intermediate, capital and consumer goods rose by 4.7%, 6.9% and 2.0% respectively.

The period under review revealed that producer prices for goods destined for the non-domestic market went up by 5.4% on account of an increase in prices in the euro area of 5.9%, and a rise in prices for goods destined for the non-domestic non-euro area of 1.5%


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