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Intense lobbying on election eve

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Kevin Schembri Orland

With the GonziPN Deputy leadership election tomorrow, both Tonio Fenech and Simon Busuttil camps are lobbying hard to sway delegates and get their votes. Delegates contacted by confirmed that most had received at least two telephone calls each from both camps urging them to vote.

Both Simon Busuttil and Tonio Fenech have invited all delegates for a meeting this evening. The meetings start within the space of 30 minutes.

Practically all government Ministers, except for Francis Zammit Dimech and Joe Cassar, have decided to throw their weight behind Finance Minister Tonio Fenech in his bid to become the new Deputy leader of PN.

A few PN MP's have decided to vote against Mr Fenech, who is one of their own, and vote in favour of Simon Busuttil. Jean-Pierre Farrugia told "With Simon as Deputy Leader, the PN will regain the necessary tools to steer the government in the right direction, regardless of which party is in power".

Contrary to what was reported in other local media earlier this month,Michael Gonzi told that he has declared his support for Dr. Busuttil, as did Karl Gouder.

There will be over 888 PN delegates voting tomorrow, the majority of whom have to make up their mind by tomorrow when voting starts at 10:00h.

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