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An investement of €25 million towards cleaner energy through ERDF funds

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“This government is committed to use cohesion policy to provide a better environment for all Maltese and Gozitan families.”  This was stated by the Parliamentary Secretary for EU funds Dr Ian Borg during a press conference at the Auberge d’Aragon during which a fresh allocation of €25 million of ERDF Funds was announced. 14 projects that will be expected to promote the use of cleaner energy are expected to be funded through these funds.  The Parliamentary Secretary said that these projects will help government entities to invest in a system that can generate a cleaner and more efficient energy.   Such interventions will thus also be reducing costs for the said entities.

During the same press conference, Mr. Jonathan Vassallo  Director General for the Managing Authority responsible for EU Funds, carried out a detailed presentation about each and every project, which include:

  • The University of Malta which will be benefitting from €6 million on 3 projects,  out of which €4.7million will be financed from ERDF funds.  Through these projects the UoM will be constructing a new laboratory aimed at research on generation of electricity through use of sunlight.  Photovoltaic panels and new LED bulbs will also be installed in different areas of the University complex.


  • The National Sports Council (KMS) will be carrying out a project that will see an increase in generation of effecient electricity inside the National Pool Complex at Tal-Qroqq.  A new system will also be heating the pool during the winter months.  This is a project that will cost €1 million, 50% of which will be coming from EU funds.


  • The Water Services Corporation will be carrying out another project that costs around €18.6 million, out of which €9 will be covered by EU funds.  Thanks to this project the WSC will be investing in new infrastructure aimed at reducing generation of carbon that is used in different plants around the Maltese Islands.
  • The Ministry for Energy will be implimenting 5 projects that will amount to over €15 million, out of which €13million will be financed from EU funds.  Thanks to such funds, this ministry will be conducting a study to analyze various means of generating more effecient electricity inside the old people’s home at St. Vincent de Paule.  Another project will see the installation of more effecient systems that will generate more effecient electricity  at both St. Vincent de Paule as well as at the Siggiewi Primary School.  This ministry will also be investing in 2 pilot projects that will analyse the use of an intelligent lightning system in Malta & Gozo.
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