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John Dalli report creating instability in health sector – PN

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The report published by John Dalli on Mater Dei Hospital is creating instability in the health sector, the PN spokesman Claudio Grech said this morning.

The report was confrontational and divisive at a time when consensus was required with all stakeholders, Mr Grech said. Moreover, the report focused only on the negative aspects of the hospital and failed to acknowledge that it was providing a good service and the patients were satisfied.

The report also failed to mention real problems such as waiting lists and bed shortages while blanket statements were used which did more harm than good.

The government should now make its position on the report known just as the MUMN did and the PN was doing. The government cannot distance itself from the report when it accommodated John Dalli to do it.

The need for a parliamentary committee on health has become more urgent, Mr Grech said, coupled with the need for consensus on the health sector. The PN feels that it can work with the Minister for Health, Godfrey Farrugia. 

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