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Joseph Cuschieri - If elected "Half of my MEP salary... €3,100 per month will be given to good causes"

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"€186,000 over a period of five years; €3,100 per month will be given to good causes". This was stated by MEP and Head of the Labour delegation in the European Parliament Joseph Cuschieri.

During a press conference which was held on Thursday morning, the Labour Europarliamentarian, Joseph Cuschieri, launched a proposal, stating that this proposal is specifically intended to repay what society has provided him over the past years.

Cuschieri started putting this proposal in context when talking about his childhood and the experiences when he was a child at the institute and also the way his character was shaped thanks to the sisters and the parents who brought him up. It was in this context that Joseph Cuschieri spoke about the values he has obtained of integrity, honesty and sincerity on the initiative that he will be would announcing.

Cuschieri said that he believes that politics should go beyond manifestos, political slogans and votes during the elections and should put the people as its center. He then stated that "in this regard I am proposing and committing myself, if I have the privilege for the next MEP term to serve the Maltese, that half of my MEP salary, each month will start going to a specially set fund to help:

• clubs and philanthropic causes;

• Families and individuals in need

• and voluntary clubs - sports, social, cultural and others.

In short , this commitment will be giving this fund €3,100 PER MONTH and not less than €186,000 over a period of five years."

This financial commitment will be inclusive and in a transparent manner shown in the statement of his assets and if repeatedly he will not honour this commitment he will be offering is resignation.

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