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Karmenu Vella

Karmenu Vella should not give economic advice – PN

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The PN said today that Karmenu Vella should not be giving advice since during his time as a Minister for Industry there were more than 10,000 people out of employment.

The PN said that “if there is someone, apart from Muscat, who surely does not deserve to give economic advice, or, worse, tries to mock the big achievements that the Maltese Government and the population achieved over the past four years that is Karmenu Vella, because under his authority as a minister, there were economic disasters and a record of high unemployment”.

“Karmenu Vella,” the PN statement added, “represents politics of unemployment, bulk buying, freezing wages, tightening belts, austerity measures and second-hand infrastructure”.

In the past few years, government has improved the economy by creating 20,000 new jobs, approving 130 new factories and saving 5,000 other jobs, all of which have caused Malta to rank as the fifth country in the EU with the lowest rate of unemployment, while Maltese workers pay the least taxes.

The MLP team, Joseph Muscat, Leo Brincat, Edward Scicluna, Karmenu Vella and Anġlu Farrugia “are thirsty to take power in their hands,” the PN said, “a bankrupt team with a disastrous record”.

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A bankrupt team?!?!?! PBO m'ghadux kif qal li il-PL ghandhom flus iktar minnhom ghal-kampanja elettorali?!?!?! Hi tgerfixxxx

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