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KSU proposes more resources for assessment correction

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KSU is in full agreement with the MATSEC board and support unit’s call for discussion on all aspects on assessment procedures. In light of recent complaints and numerous queries dealt with by KSU, the council agrees that this area should be revisited and an analysis of current sufficiency of resources be carried out.

Specifically in the cases for the University of Malta and Junior College, KSU agrees that more human resources as well as funding should be made available to facilitate the correction of exam papers as well as ease the logistical burden created by revision of paper applications.

Furthermore, KSU encourages both the MATSEC board and University administration to make available more clear information on current assessment correction practices so as to ensure greater public understanding of the procedures involved. Incidentally, the KSU Education Office this year intends to collaborate with University administration and discuss ways forward on how students can be better informed about the assessments protocols which have been adopted.

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