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l-Imniehru murders: Witness claims to have seen tussle

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A man who drove Mario Camilleri Junior to Qajjenza on the day he was allegedly murdered told a court today that he saw the two accused men on top of Camilleri Junior. The two men, Jason Galea and George, are accused of the murder of Mario Camilleri, known as l-Imniehru, and his son Mario Camilleri Junior.

Emmanuel Farrugia, known as l-Iskrun or id-Deffien, told the court that he knew Mario Camilleri as they were neighbours in the past but did not really know Mario Camilleri Junior. He also used to work for Jason Galea and ran errands for him.

On the day of the alleged murder, Jason Galea had instructed Farrugia to pick up Mario Camilleri Junior from his house in Ibrag and take him to a narrow lane next to the Qajjenza gas plant in Birzebbugia. Galea had earlier shown the location to Farrugia.

Upon reaching the lane in Qajjenza, Camilleri Junior walked down the lane with Jason Galea while Farrugia waited outside in his vehicle. After some time had passed he decided to walk into the lane to check on the men and saw Jason and George Galea on top of Mario Camilleri Junior, and they looked as they were fighting. He saw Jason Galea hitting Camilleri Junior but did not see the weapon.

Farrugia ran out of the lane and went home. Later in the evening Jason Galea approached him and told him that they were both ready and instructed not to say anything to the police. Galea also gave a bag to Farrugia and asked him to throw it away of which he did and threw it in a skip. Farrugia also provided a change of his own clothes to Jason Galea.

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