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l-Istrina was inspirational – George Abela

Article By:
Kevin Schembri Orland

The Maltese people really let their hearts shine through yesterday, President George Abela said this morning referring to the l-Istrina fund raising marathon, which collected in excess of €3.3 million.

“Its incredible how much we collected and I’m still in disbelief. The people really showed their unity and charity," Dr. Abela added.  “These are the real values shown by the Maltese people, and should be adhered to by the local Politicians”.

Around 100,000 people contributed to l-Istrina rounding off at €3.3 million, which equates to around €8.25 per person in Malta and Gozo. Last year’s L-Istrina collected around €2.7 million.

At a micro-level, the amount of people who gave up their anniversary money, and children who donated their allowance and birthday money was inspirational, the President said. The phone operators couldn’t keep up with the amount of calls, with many heading to recorded messages.

Producer of L-Istrina Fabien Mizzi said that “meeting one on one with the people we are trying to help really motivated me”. The Coordinator  of Istrina, Major Mark Mallia added that volunteers play a huge part in the events success each year.

The number of people donating over the phone totalled at:
€10 – 27,000 people
€15 – 19,000 people
€25 -15,000 people

Number of people who donated via SMS:
€6 – 12,000
€11 – 10,000

The total amount of donations through the Facebook application was €52,000 and will continue to collect money until the end of January. 

The total number of organised events in support of the Community Chest Fund is not yet known.

Secretary of the President Joe Church explained that the people involved with Istrina really put their hearts and souls into the project.

The President ended his speech by thanking the people for their generosity and the media, without whom, L-Istrina would not have been possible.

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