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Labour will be careful with money - Muscat

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Labour leader Joseph Muscat said that a Labour government would be careful with the people's money after the government had made a mess of Malta's finances.

Speaking on One Radio this morning, he said deficit had increased to 4.6 per cent and the debt had risen to over €500 million (76.3 per cent), in the first half of the year.

He said that the government was reluctant to present the budget because it was at risk of not being approved, and the public had to to realise that the government was playing around with numbers when it came to public finances. He also said that it would be very detrimental to jobs and businesses to start the new year without an approved budget.

Dr Muscat said Labour would stop wasting money needlessly by planning better.

On the subject of St Philip's Hospital, Dr Muscat said that there were many questions that had been left unanswered. 

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