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Language School’s Important Shift Towards Longer Student Stays

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“The teaching of English to foreign clients is an industry which is currently undergoing an important shift where guests coming to Malta to study English, are choosing to prolong their stay in Malta. This contributes to more effective learning and better academic results, promotes Malta as a successful learning destination and also leads to better economic benefits. We are proud that at Clubclass, we have been leading this trend for a number of years.”

This was stated by Joe Aquilina, Managing Director of Clubclass during a visit by Hon. Evarist Bartolo, Minister for Education at the residential English language school which this year is celebrating its 15th Anniversary.

“Clubclass was founded in 1999 out of the need to fill the accommodation in the shoulder months and that’s why our strategy has always been to attract young adults for longer stays,” explained Joe Aquilina.

Addressing those present, Joe Aquilina, who is also a member on the Board of FELTOM, explained how industry trends that emerged from FELTOM’s recently announced study are a reflection of the company’s strategy over the past years.

“In 2013, the number of 18 to 25-year-old guests coming to Malta to study accounted to 40% of all students, up from 33% in 2012. At Clubclass this age-bracket accounts to 41% of all guests. With regards to the average length of stay, nationwide there has been an increase from an average of 2.5 weeks to 3.1 weeks in 2013 – at Clubclass the average length of stay in 2013 was 6.4 weeks. This reflects our commitment in sustaining the development of the industry,” added Joe Aquilina.

Mr. Joe Aquilina also spoke about the internationalization of the organization through the acquisition of a school in London in 2009 and its relocation to Bloomsbury in 2012.

The school is run by a team of teachers led by Clubclass’ Director of Studies Linda Azzopardi.

“Whilst the most popular course remains that of General English, Clubclass successfully prepares a number of students for recognised EFL exams every year. When it comes to EFL exams, the focus is not on the quantity of students presented for these exams but on the success rate of the ones which are presented.  Very often students choose Clubclass with the intention of doing a course in General English and when they would have been studying long enough and their level of English reaches the appropriate level, the school encourages them to switch to an Exam Preparation Course at no extra charge and they are prepared for the ESOL exam,” said Linda Azzopardi.

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