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Last year was Malta’s fifth warmest since 1923

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Last year was Malta’s fifth warmest since 1923, with a mean temperature of 19.8 ºC, but it was also one of the years that saw most hail, according to Malta International Airport’s Met Office.

The highest temperature this year was 37.5ºC, recorded on July 29, while the lowest was recorded on March 17 when the temperature dropped to just 5.6ºC.

Overall, 2013 saw 41 days of thunderstorms, seven days of fog and 15 days of hail. The same amount of hail was recorded in 2005, which was the highest amount recorded at Malta International Airport since 1961.


The highest wind gust recorded was 54 knots from the West by North direction and this occurred on March. The windiest month was March with an average wind speed of 11.6 Knots and the most frequent direction was from the West Northwest. The highest gust since 1947 was 72 knots on October 11, 1982. The windiest year was 1965 with a mean wind speed of 10.3 knots. With a mean wind speed of 8.8knots, year 2013 compares exactly with the norm.


The wettest month of 2013 was November with 182mm of rainfall while the driest was July with no rain. The total rainfall for 2013 from January to December was 479.5mm. This is below the norm of 553mm yearly. The highest rainfall amount in 24 hours was 28mm on November 30. Malta’s wettest year was 1951 with a total rainfall of 955.6mm while the driest was 1947 with 228.4 mm.


The brightest month was July with an average of 11.69 hours of bright sunshine while the dullest was December with an average of 5.2 hours. The brightest year was 1961 with a mean of 8.91 hours and the dullest was 1976 with a mean of 7.49 hours. This year saw an average of 8.4 hours of bright shine a day which is greater than the norm of eight hours.

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