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Looking forward

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Ingrid Brownrigg
We have come to an end of another year and we have just hopped to another one. Such times offer good opportunities to celebrate the beginning of another year with our close families, relatives
and friends. These are times in which we renew our contacts and exchange our greetings for a prosperous year. More often than not, we end up recounting all the events that happened in the
year before whilst looking forward for another year full of challenges and surprises. On a personal note, the year that has just ended and the year to come have a lot of significances.
Significantly, last year was one of the most important for my career. It has brought many changes in my life. Exactly one year ago, having spent the Christmas holidays here, in Malta, with my family,
I returned back to Brussels to continue my profession there. However, by going back to Brussels meant that my career and profession over there were coming to an end. Almost 10 years went by so
quickly where I managed to shape up almost all my career eventualities. I was realising that the time had really come up to leap over new ventures.
As the year progressed on, it was becoming even clearer to return to my roots, to my country, to my hometown in Zejtun, the place that I much love and treasure. I was acknowledging that my
international experience outside Malta, specifically as a European Commission Communications' Officer was giving me the right motivations and creativities to start putting them into action on a
local level. Throughout my life, politics was always one of my preferences and although being away from Malta, I never lost contact with Malta and the PN. All the efforts that were started off in Malta
10 years ago had to be some time carried on. I was just waiting for the right time to come so that I would have come back to Malta to involve more myself in local politics.
The next step to look forward was thus quite natural. Having acquired enough experience on a European level, energy, valued ideas and more significantly my affection to my attractive country,
my next phase was to come back to Malta forever and to stand myself as a PN candidate for the forthcoming general elections. It is not easy to have valued ideas but one has to have the necessary
effort to leave everything just as your employment in order to realise those ideas and to contribute more for the common good.
Personally, I always found the necessary effort and support to complete my visions. All the way through my life, I always got where I wanted to become. I am not a person that disheartens me so
quickly, even because I have already endured difficult times in the past. Looking on the positive side, I must recognise that going through challenging times will give you much more determination and
a complete personality. I do now appreciate how short and attractive our life is. We just need to do our best to make the most out of it, being in good turn for the others.
You at the centre of politics
It’s correct to say (I firmly believe) that politics is there to improve and get stronger everyone’s life.
It’s true to believe that politics is a vocation in itself and not just a profession. This entails that you need to reserve your life, your valuable time. In politics, there are no working hours; every hour
can be much of beneficial to others since you need to be available for the service of the whole population.
I truly believe in being service to others and for this reason I am standing up and present myself as a candidate on the PN ticket on the 3rd district (Zejtun, Marsascala and Fgura) for the forthcoming
general elections 2013.
I would like to use politics in which you will be placed at the centre of our decisions. Each decision has to be based around you and should analyse all the recurring impacts.
Personally, the coming year is full of challenges but I am looking forward with much energy, passion and determination. I would like to take this opportunity to whilst thanking you for the backing and
encouragement in all I do, wishing all the readers of this column a successful year full of health and happiness.
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