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'Malta for all' - PL

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Kevin Schembri Orland

'Malta taghna lkoll' (Malta for all), is the new PL slogan for the coming elections, announced in the midnight launch last night by PL leader Joseph Muscat.

"You might not agree with us, but you can work with us and we will bring Malta forward," said Dr. Muscat.

The PL leader, speaking to whoever chose not to vote in the past and those who are disgruntled with the current government said; "we have listened to you and we are ready to help change the country for all of you".

"I'd like to thank Dr.Gonzi for his work as Prime Minister. I know we won't agree on many issues in this campaign, but I hope we can put our arguments and discussions to the people in a positive, respectful campaign, based on the needs of tomorrow," he added.

The first major gatherings with the general public will be held today in Valletta and in Gozo on Sunday.

"Malta is for all of us because Malta is neither mine, nor is it of some other politician. It's not a country that belongs to some clique. It's the country that belongs to everybody because we are a united people, and we are determined to see our country taken away from the clique and given back to the people, irrespectively of how they vote." the PL leader stated. "The current government were more focused on internal problems rather than moving Malta forward. The changes needed in Malta cannot be based on the needs of a few people, but must be made for the people as a whole"

Dr. Muscat said the PL will begin revealing its proposals in the coming days.

Net news claimed that they weren't invited to tonight's announcement and in response, Dr. Muscat replied  "I think everyone was invited, you yourselves are here right now and this is the kind of negativity which we need stop in this country, we want an objective press and not one to spread negativity".

"We feel this slogan is something that binds us, something positive. We want this message to arrive to all the people, irrespective of how someone votes, They should know that this country is theirs," he concluded.

Deputy Leaders of the Labour Party Louis Grech and Toni Abela, both said that they don't want Maltese people to feel divided through politics, but want them to feel united after the elections and not have half the population feel as winners and the others as losers.

This is the first official political event for the 2013 general elections having started at 00.01h on January 7, after the Christmas 'truce' period agreed upon by both parties.


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