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Photo by: DOI/Eugenio Wonnacott Photo by: DOI/Eugenio Wonnacott Photo by: DOI/Eugenio Wonnacott Photo by: DOI/Eugenio Wonnacott

Malta weathered the brunt - PM

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Malta with its small open island economy has defied economic theory and managed to weather the brunt of the economic and financial crisis that has surrounded Europe, Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi said during the launch of FIRST magazine at the Corithis Hotel in London.

Malta has the fifth lowest unemployment and the third fastest employment growth rate amongst European members and is committed to further reduce its deficit and bringing it below the 3% threshold for this year.

The FIRST report holds Malta as home to a growing number of successful and diversified industrial clusters especially the highly specialised electronic, medical and pharmaceutical production together with the ICT, remote gaming, maritime and aviation maintenance sectors and the traditional tourism sector. 

This report showcases the different facets of Malta relating to its investment attractiveness and touches upon Malta’s particular placement in acting as a bridge between the two continents of either side of the Mediterranean. As the democratic transformation continues to unfold and gain ground in the North African region, Malta continues to act as a key player in the stability of the Mediterranean region.  The recent 5+5 Summit in Malta is testimony to the country’s commitment towards assisting the region in its democratisation transition. 

Bound by a common history, Malta is close to the region and as members of the European Union presents itself as a key hub in bridging the two continents both through political dialogue and economic trade.  “We look forward in focusing our efforts and in assisting companies wanting to explore the opportunities that will arise in the coming months and years,” the prime Minister concluded.


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