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Maltese Embassy in Germany discusses business and investment

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Between January and June, the Maltese Embassy in Germany took part in a series of activities to promote business and investment between the two countries.

In January, it participated, for the third consecutive time, in the International Environment Week in Berlin.

In March, Ambassador Xuereb visited the General Headquarters of Lufthansa Technik in Hamburg, where he met the Head Strategy and Product Management Aircraft Base, Mr Frank Mertens.

In Munich, the Ambassador took part in a discussion set up by Malta Enterprise entitled “Malta: Small Country, Great Opportunities”.

The Junior Chamber International, a global organisation that encourages young citizens to make positive change, welcomed Malta’s invitation to hold the 2014 Annual European Conference, which the Ambassador supported.

In June, Mr Xuereb visited Bremen, where he had talks with the regional government and later on addressed an audience during the opening of the Maltese Centre within Bremen University.

He also gave out a presentation entitled “Malta in the EU and the Arab Spring” at MEDAC, the Mediterranean Academy of Diplomatic Studies (MEDAC).

In July, Mr Xuereb chaired the Maltese delegation of the Malta Business Forum and Matchmaking Event in Cologne and later in Munich, so as to promote Malta as a commercial destination.

After organising an event on the occasion of the ITB Tourism Fair in Berlin, he visited the General Headquarters of FTI in Munich.

It also participated in the All Nations Festival, an event where Germans had the opportunity to explore several cultural institutions, including ours. Malta was also given prominence in the European Commission Office, where Maltese author Clare Azzopardi was invited to the Europe Literary series.

Malta was also given prominence in an interview with the Ambassador in June’s edition of Diplomatisches Magazin, a magazine for politicians, parliamentary members, diplomats and the general public in Berlin.

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