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May: 7,141 register for work

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Over the period of last month there were 7,141 people registering for work with ETC. This means a decrease of 151 when compared with the same period of last year, as in May 2013 there were 7,292 persons registering for work. This means that there was also a decrease when compared to the previous month (April 2014) as that month the amount was above 7,291 persons registering for work.

According to information obtained from ETC, in May there was a decrease of 44 people who are registering under Part 1 and 107 under Part 2. There was a decrease in every sector apart from the sector of people aged between 30 and 44-years of age. 

The majority of men in the record on unemployment are looking for work related to skills, while women seek jobs classified as technicians and professionals.

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