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MCCAA simply applied the rules - MCCAA Chairman

Article By:
Kevin Schembri Orland

The Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority (MCCAA) explained that it followed procedure when passing the gas distributor’s case to the Competition and Consumer Appeals Tribunal.

The MCA (Malta Consumers Association) had accused the MCCAA of ‘passing the buck’ on the issue. “We certainly do not understand why the Consumer Association chose to use the term ‘passing the buck’ as this is certainly an ill-fitting term to a situation where the Office for Competition (within the MCCAA) was following the procedures established in the law, which as I reiterate, it is bound to do. We consider indeed that this is an unfair and misleading statement which certainly does not do justice to the continuous efforts of the Office for Competition and of the Authority as a whole to guarantee consumer welfare,” MCCAA Chairman Francis E. Farrugia held.

The Chairman explained that the Competition Act allowed the MCCAA to submit a report and not take a decision on such matters. “The applicable law in this case was the ‘Competition Act’ because the investigation before the Office started before the latter Act came into force on May 23, 2011. Had the investigation initiated after the latter Act came into force, the Office would have been able to come to a decision in terms of the new procedures, which decision could then be subject to appeal before the Appeals Tribunal,” the Chairman added.

Speaking to, MCCAA Chairman said; “The Malta Consumers Association (MCA) is not well versed on the relevant legal provisions governing the procedures which the Office for Competition is bound to follow.”

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