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Medavia managers in Libyan prison

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Two high-end Medavia managers are held under arrest by Libyan anti-militia police.

Medavia's (a Malta-based air services company) managing director Abdulrazagh Zmirli and technical general manager Abdalla Dekna were taken to Zawija and interrogated after they were seized by police in the VIP lounge of Tripoli airport on Tuesday.

The two men were arrested due to claims of them having helped the Gaddafi regime during the conflicts.

Libyan authorities have yet to officially charge the two men and a judicial decision to charge or release them is expected tomorrow.

Medavia general manager Joe Formosa stated that “We’re doing everything within our power to have them released as soon as possible, while of course respecting the course of law in Libya”.

The Maltese government have a stake in Medavia and have said that they are monitoring the situation.

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