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Medicines Authority strengthens quality and awarded international certification

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The Medicines Authority was awarded the International Standard Organisation 9001:2008, a certificate showing its commitment towards meeting the needs and expectations of its stakeholders and to ensure quality in its processes and output.

'Such a certificate, increases stakeholders' confidence in the Authority as a regulator', said Mr. Joe Camilleri, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry for Social Dialogue, Civil Liberties and Consumer's Affairs.

Professor Anthony Serracino Inglott, Chairperson of the Authority, explained that as a regulator, the Medicines Authority is making an impact on people's quality of life. During 2013, it assessed/ recommended for licensing seven hundred medicinal products which had more benefits than risks. Such increase supports competition for the benefit of consumers. The Authority presented reports at EU level which have an impact on the entry on new generic drugs within the whole of the European Union.  It continuously monitors the products on the market and started participating in an EU funded project to enhance its capacity with regards to safety of medicines.

The Authority supports the exports of medicines outside the EU and in 2013 it issued two hundred and seventy five certificates of pharmaceutical products. It carried out over two hundred inspections with the aim of ensuring good practices by all operators. The Chairperson explained that on a daily basis, meetings are held with different stakeholders in line with the policy direction by Minister Helena Dalli which is also responsible for Social Dialogue

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