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Milktape, the Modern-Day Mixtape for Music Lovers

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Mixtape is a word which may not have been used much since 1992. Burning CDs has become passé in the era of Spotify. But somehow, sharing a playlist with the click of a mouse just doesn’t pack the same romantic punch as an actual, physical gift.

Here comes in, Milktape, USB cassette tapes that are breathing life into the romantic tradition of exchanging mixtape cassettes with loved ones. Milktape adds a 21st century twist to the gesture by hiding a pop-out USB drive within an iconic cassette case, enabling users to upload 128 megabytes to the device (or approximately 15 songs).

The tape is customizable, just drag and drop your favourite tunes onto the drive, eject the device, and then decorate the blank label, case and stickers any way you choose.

For the musically inclined, recording your own versions of popular songs is a sure-fire way to give a one-of-a-kind gift. 

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