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Minister Dolores Cristina launches legal notice

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Three new Legal Notices have been enacted highlighting the added value of skills and competence garnered by those that pursue their education after completion of the obligatory period at school, Minister of Education and Employment Dolores Christina said today.

The Minister also announced the launch of the National Commission for Further and Higher Education (NCFHE) which was formed in lieu of the Maltese Council for Qaulifications and the National Commission for Higher Education.

A national Structure for qualifications based on the European Structure for qualifications has also been launched leading to the recognition of Maltese qualifications abroad.

The NCFHE will also be working with the aim of achieving recognition of skills  and competences achieved through institutions outside the formal educational structure, which however lead to further training and better employability.

Minsiter of Education and Employment Dolores Christina thanked Executive Director Dr. Philip Von Brockdorff and held that the new members of the NCFHE  and those of the Committee for Sectoral Skills and Quality Assurance will be announced in the following weeks.

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