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Minister George Vella Presents €247,775 to 20 NGOs

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The Ministry for Foreign Affairs today reaffirmed its yearly commitment to support civil society organisations in providing financial contributions to projects in countries that are eligible for such assistance. This funding is part of the overall expenditure that Malta dedicates every year towards development and humanitarian projects as part of its Official Development Assistance (ODA).

This year a total of €247,775 will go towards the co-financing of 20 projects in recipient countries situated mostly in Africa, but also in Asia and Latin America. These projects will be carried out by Maltese civil society organisations with the assistance of dedicated volunteers and through their own sources of funding. 

During the ODA funds ceremony presentation which was held at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, George Vella praised local Non-Governmental Development Organisations (NGDOs) for their work and dedication to those who are most in need in developing countries. The applications that were received by the Ministry were evaluated by a Selection Board comprising of members of the Ministry’s Development Unit, as well as by external members from development related academia and civil society. Each applicant was interviewed by the Board and the projects were assessed on a specific set of criteria in relation to the priorities of Malta’s Official Development Policy.

Most of these projects addressed the educational sector. These include the construction of a new school in Uganda; the extension of a school in Ethiopia; the construction of school accommodation facilities in Chad and India; educational material for a youth training centre in Togo and an educational care centre in Kenya. Youth and sports are also being addressed by means of two projects in Guatemala and India with the construction of recreational facilities.

On capacity building and women empowerment there are two projects in Morocco and Kenya that focus on training skills for women. These projects provide them with the necessary equipment and training to assist them to pursue further their education and acquiring specific skills. This will enable them to have a better prospect of finding a job in the future and become self-sufficient in improving their living standards.

Other projects are targeted towards the welfare of small children, where assistance is provided for the services of a day care centre which will permit mothers to continue earning a living whilst leaving their children in the care of this centre in Kenya. Another project is the construction of a residential facility in Madagascar with the capacity to house a number of children from vulnerable and at-risk families.

The health care sector is given its due importance which is reflected in the financing of two projects in Tanzania and Guatemala. The wellbeing of the elderly was also taken into consideration with the setting up of a residential home for women who have been abandoned by their relatives in the Amazon rainforest. A project on water and sanitation will also assist rural communities by providing them with access to clean drinkable water in Ethiopia.

Finally, this year we have an innovative project on renewable energy, which focuses on the installation of a solar power back-up to provide a power supply system for a girls’ school in Pakistan. Below is a full list of projects with a brief summary on each.

During the event the Ministry for Foreign Affairs launched the first issue of the Ministry’s newsletter ‘The Bridge’. ‘The Bridge’ aims to promote the Ministry’s works as well as to highlight the capabilities and talents of its staff. The online newsletter will be issued and could be accessed on the Ministry’s online portal,

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