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Minister lambasts Opposition over 2006 amnesty

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Energy Minister Konrad Mizzi today lambasted the Opposition for ignoring €240 million in unpaid electricity when it was in government. He also hit back at the Opposition’s criticism over the government’s decision not to prosecute people who came forward to regularise their position following the smart meter theft scandal.

Dr Mizzi said that the Nationalist government had issued an amnesty in 2006 and around 2,000 people had come forward to admit to electricity theft. “At the time, these people were made to pay €233 to regularise their position. The cost of the electricity they consumed illegally was pardoned. Today, we are inviting people to come forward and pay what they consumed, interest and a penalty. Opposition spokesmen Beppe Fenech Adami and George Pullicino should be ashamed.”

Moreover, Former Finance Minister Tonio Fenech, who was also responsible for Enemalta, was conspicuously absent from the PN press conference held earlier today, Dr Mizzi added.

Parliamentary Secretary for Justice, Owen Bonnici, said that the Police were free to investigate and prosecute. He added that the legal notice of 2006 said that the Enemalta Chairman could forego legal proceedings against consumers accused of electricity theft.

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