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Moscow Sustains NATO to be 'Deteriorating Relations with Russia'

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Russia will be adjusting its military policies, due to the influence of NATO’s militia at its borders. "Everything indicates the disposition of the authorities of the United States and NATO to continue deteriorating the relations with Russia," says Mikhail Popov, deputy secretary of the Russian Security Council. “The fact that the military infrastructure of the NATO members are approaching our borders and spreading, will present a threat for the Russian Federation", affirmed Popov.

The Kremlin has however denied the proclamation in which President Vladimir Putin spoke of "taking Kiev in two weeks". The statement was reported "out of context, with a totally different meaning", said Moscow.

At the summit to be held on Thursday and Friday in Wales, NATO representatives will establish a strong rapid reaction force of 4,000 soldiers and commandos, capable of being deployed within 48 hours in any Member State of the Alliance as a "spear tip". The Secretary-General of the Alliance, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, said that it is a unit able to "travel light but hit heavily", supported by air and naval forces. This super-unit cannot be used immediately in Ukraine, which is not a member of the Alliance, but will provide a deterrent against any Russian targets towards the Baltic countries.

The Ukrainian army yielded to rebellion control the airport to Lugansk, openly accusing Russia for the direct attachment to its military. Ukraine reports "fierce fighting" with Russian troops in the East and describes it as a "great war never seen in Europe since the Second World War", warned the Defence Minister, Valeri Gheletei.

"It is now clear that we are not facing an internal conflict within Ukraine, but a clash between Russia and Ukraine," he said, recalling the preparation of "substantial new sanctions" on the part of the EU, mentioned by the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk, the newly appointed president of the European Council, has warned against the dangers of a war "not only in the east of Ukraine". Barack Obama is preparing to leave for Estonia where he will be sending a clear message to Putin in defence to the ex-soviet republics now members of NATO. An important action on the eve of a NATO summit.

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