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Muscat says problems in health sector have reached tipping point

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Labour leader Joseph Muscat said that the situation in the public health sector in Malta had reached tipping point, and served to prove that the system implemented by the present government was damaged and flawed.

During a phone-in on One Radio this morning, Dr Muscat said that the problems within the health sector had gone from relatively minor issues to an escalation of problems, including the issue of ambulances that were poorly-maintained.

He said that Health Minister Joe Cassar had to shoulder responsibility on the issue of the choice of medical consultants.

Dr Muscat also said again that taking into account the net effects, the 20,000 jobs created in the past four years were actually just slightly more than 4,000.

“The problems in the health sector, as well as in the rest of the badly-handled issues in the country, show that GonziPN is mediocre and incompetent, and unable of handling the responsibility it has been handed.”

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