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National Youth Council launches new, interactive website

Article By:
Stephanie Calleja

The National Youth Council launched their newly designed website,, as part of a chain of activities in celebration of the 20th anniversary since their initiation.

KNZ Public Relations Officer Karl Agius said the website is another means of establishing and keeping in contact with youth while at the same getting their feedback.

The website was designed in such a way as to match the colours of the KNZ logo. It consists of two interactive blogs; one containing recent news and the other including audio visual content of interest to anyone who might log onto it.

The new site was also developed with the aim of facilitating the processing of online applications; in fact, people can directly apply to join the organisation from the website itself. 

Another feature is its content management system; which enables KNZ members to update its content easily.

Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Communication Austin Gatt, who was present at the launch, mentioned the recently published United Nations study on internet penetration within households, in which Malta ranked 16th out of more than a 100 countries.

He said that Government invested in €53 million in ICT (Information and Communication Technology) in recent years, and the policies it adopted in this sector have led to the creation of 8,000 jobs.

Referring to a local survey, Dr Gatt claimed that 98.6% of Maltese youth have internet access in their homes, a fact which indicates that internet is part of their daily lives and that the digital divide will soon be demolished.

This year was also the first time, he added, that 3,000 students graduated from MCAST and University in ICT. “Education efforts complement economic efforts,” he maintained, upon congratulating KNZ for their initiative.

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