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NCPE reacts to the National Employment Policy

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The National Commission for the Promotion of Equality (NCPE) acknowledges the importance of the National Employment Policy for Malta to enhance the concept of making work pay.

In particular, NCPE welcomes the measures proposed to address the participation in employment of persons who are underrepresented in the labour market, including women, thus further supporting women and men to enter or remain in the labour market.

One such measure is the proposal to raise the yearly social security contribution payable by the employer for each male and female employee, so that the excess inflow of social security contribution shall be allocated towards the provision of paid maternity leave for women.

NCPE believes that such an initiative will contribute to an increased female employability given that it would curb indirect discrimination against women when seeking employment as the cost of maternity leave will no longer be directly linked to female employment. This measure will also help employers to retain mothers-to-be in employment since employers will no longer bear the cost of maternity leave. Moreover, whilst the opportunities for women to remain and enter the labour market will increase, best use of all human resources will be made by employers resulting in the enhancement of economy growth.

Hence, the initiatives proposed in this policy to further promote female employment, alongside free childcare services for working parents, the school breakfast clubs as well as after-school activities for children, will enhance support structures that safeguard and promote work-life balance for parents.

Moreover, NCPE also recognises the measures proposed in the National Employment Policy targeting youth, older workers, persons with disability and the Gozitan labour market, thus taking into account the circumstances and needs of the different workers and persons who are inactive.

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