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New educational and sports facilities for schools

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Since 2008, the government invested €33 million to build new schools equipped with the best technology and educational facilities available. In these schools, the government invested €7 million in their sports facilities and is in the process of investing €3.5 million in the construction of an indoor sports complex for St Ignatius College. Parliamentary Secretary for Youth and Sport Clyde Puli said this is because the government is committed to providing holistic education to children while visiting St Ignatius Boys’ Secondary School in Tal-Handaq today.

Mr Puli said that schools today are equipped with a number of facilities to help develop academic, physical and social aspects of students, including technology workshops, scientific laboratories, computer labs, art classrooms, home economics labs, and sports facilities. He explained that the government’s vision is for schools to be community centres whose facilities can also be used after school hours. He said that in this way, the sports facilities can create a sporting culture and cultivate a healthy lifestyle among children from an early age while also being accessible to adults and organisations.

The Parliamentary Secretary said that there are currently 41 sport organisations making use of facilities in 18 schools and around 1,400 members of KMS’ Walking and Jogging Club using the tracks of three state college. He announced that in the coming weeks, the government will be opening a fourth centre at St Margaret’s College.

Clyde Puli said that work is currently underway to convert historical nissan huts near St Ignatius into three indoor gyms. In addition, preparations are being made to open a new sports complex near two other secondary schools. He said that the Foundation for Tomorrow’s Schools (FTS) submitted the plans for the complex to MEPA and that once the permit is obtained, it is expected to be as large as the sports complex in Kirkop. He added that the government is also hoping to construct a shallow pool in the college to accommodate swimming lessons.

Also in attendance for the visit were St Ignatius Head Alexandra Farrugia and FTS CEO Charles Farrugia.

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