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New KNZ Executive Council

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The new executive of the National Youth Council (KNŻ) was elected on December 15 at The Palace Hotel, Sliema. During the Annual General Assembly, the administrative report which highlighted the work done during the last two years was read. Most prominently, during this term, the KNŻ moved its offices to new premises situated in Lion Street, Floriana and has also launched a new website. This Annual Report can be viewed online on the KNŻ website and facebook page. Furthermore, KNŻ welcomed as full members two new youth organisations: Insite and We Are, while UESA has joined the KNŻ as a new associate member.  

The following members were elected for the coming two years: 

President – Ryan Mercieca (UHM)

Vice President – Isabelle Camilleri (Y4TE)

Secretary General – Abigail Cremona (MUSC)

Deputy Secretary General – Adrian Dominic Ellul (MOVE)

Financial Officer – Nikita Ellul (MOVE)

Public Relations Officer – Miguel Balzan (GWU Youths)

International and EU Officer – Andrew Micallef (ZHN)

National Activities Officer – Cleaven Portelli (Pulse)

Officer for Youth Organizations – Michael Tabone (JP2)

Public Policy Commissioner – Keith Pace (ZHN)

Public Entities Officer – Sandro Bonanno (CMTU)  

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