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New road safety campaign

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Middlesea Insurance and Transport Malta are the official sponsors of a road safety campaign which brings to light a number of causes of deaths and injuries that occur every year on the road.

The aim of the campaign is to highlight the consequences of dangerous driving by creating awareness of safe driving habits, in order to ultimately reduce the number of accidents and casualties on the road and develop a safe driving culture, a statement by Middlesea Insurance revealed.

Over a 12 month period Middlesea Insurance and Fundacion MAPFRE will support an educational advertising campaign which will be featured on local newspapers, magazines, billboards, TV as well as online and on social media websites. The campaign will focus on four main issues, namely, over speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol, sending SMS whilst driving and the use of rear seat-belts.

As a member of the international insurance group MAPFRE, Middlesea Insurance received full support from Fundacion MAPFRE, the institution sponsored by MAPFRE and which aims to achieve objectives of general interest to society, the statement read.


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