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Notte Bianca - Call for Volunteers 2014

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Notte Bianca Valletta is currently offering voluntary placements to work with the Notte Bianca team throughout September.

If you’re looking to expand and enhance your skill set to support your career development, these placements offer the opportunity to work as part of an upbeat and creative team on this spectacular celebration of arts and culture.

Now in its ninth year, Notte Bianca attracts over 60,000 people to the capital each year, making it the largest cultural event in Valletta. This year’s Notte Bianca will be held on 4 October.

The Notte Bianca Valletta Placement Programme is currently aimed at students on University courses who wish to gain practical experience in their professional career.

The team will guide you through the day-to-day of festival making and offer you hands-on responsibilities. Each placement provides additional rather than essential support to the Notte Bianca Valletta department in which s/he is based. As well as practical experience, the programme provides participants with guidance and structured feedback and opens doors to many professional networks.

The Placement Programme is offered in the wider context of Notte Bianca Valletta’s training mission which is to enable all Notte Bianca Valletta personnel to develop their expertise, realize their potential and approach with confidence and skill the process of producing and delivering international participatory work.

Volunteering opportunities are available in the following roles: development; digital communications; participation; producing; data management. For more info send an email to

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