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One shot dead in violent Kiev protests

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Protests in Kiev, Ukraine, turned violent on the third night and at least one person was shot dead by the Police stormed barricades in the protest area. Hundreds of people were wounded in the past two days following clashes with the police.

Prime Minister Mykola Azarov had warned that force would be used on protesters if unrest continued.  The violence had been restricted to a small area close to the main protest in Independence Square.

Early this morning, armed police stormed through the barricades in Hrushevsky Street on the fringe of Independence Square. Protesters, wearing red helmets in defiance, retaliated with rocks and fireworks while police officers threw firebombs.

Peaceful protesters have blamed a far-right group, Right Sector, for the violence.

Protests have been held since November following the Ukrainian government’s decision to reject a planned treaty with the EU to favour Russia.

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