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Pardoned oil trader to answer PAC questions after Speaker ruling

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Oil trader George Farrugia, who received a Presidential pardon in February, will have to answer questions by the Public Accounts Committee following a ruling delivered by the Speaker today.

Speaker Anglu Farrugia today ruled that the Presidential pardon also covers his testimony in Parliament as the committee will seek questions to various shortcomings identified by the Auditor General in a report on Enemalta’s oil procurement between 2008 and 2011.

The ruling was delivered after PAC chairman, Jason Azzopardi, requested the Speaker to rule on whether the pardon was effective in front of the PAC.

Dr Farrugia said that the pardon was effective since it was given on condition that Mr Farrugia said nothing but the truth and Constitutional jurisdiction applied to testimony given during the PAC.

The PAC this evening questioned for the second time former Enemalta CEO, Karl Camilleri who had admitted to keeping company information on a laptop he was authorised to keep after he resigned.

Ing. Camilleri said that the information on the laptop was required for handover purposed but he kept it just in case Enemalta requested information. He also said that he had taken company files and documents.

During the testimony it was noted that Ing. Camilleri’s version of events contrasted with that of chief financial officer, Antoine Galea, who said that Ing. Camilleri had returned the documents on condition of a payment being made. Ing. Camilleri denied, adding that the payment had been offered by the board of Enemalta.

The PAC decided to confront Mr Galea and Ing. Camilleri since their versions differed.

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