Last Updated 28 | 12 | 2013 at 11:14


Parents snooping cause Facebook decline

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Research was carried out to look into European teenagers online habits which has uncovered that teenagers may consider Facebook as ‘dead and buried’ because more and more parents are using it to keep tabs on their children.

Teenagers are embarrassed to post intimate details as well as pictures on YouTube for fear that their parents might see them and this sees them resorting to other networks to keep in touch with their friends.

Professor Daniel Miller of University College London, who worked on the Global Social Media Impact Study, said British youngsters were ‘embarrassed even to be associated with it’.

Albeit all this, the study did show however, that Facebook is still used by a lot young people to keep in touch with other family members and older siblings that left home.

Teenagers have now resorted to using Whatsapp and Snapchat from their smart phones to hide their indiscretions which also allow them to interact using short videos, text and photographs.

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